What Lesson Length Do I Need?

·30 minute weekly lessons are suitable for younger students, in their first 1-2 years of piano study.

·60 minute weekly or bi-weekly lessons are the ideal choice for the majority of students in their second or third year of piano studies.

·60 minute bi-weekly lessons are best for adult beginners.

Where Are Lessons Held?

Lessons are held in my own home in Painesville, Ohio.

Do I Need A Piano At Home?

You need some kind of a practice instrument. Acoustic pianos are always best, but a keyboard can suffice for the beginning stages.

How Much Practice Is Necessary?

This depends on the level and age of the student, and how fast they want to progress. The most important thing is that practice happens every day and that weekly assignments are completed. That said this is how long it will normally take to practice what I assign.

·Young students and beginners: 10-20 minutes a day

·Elementary students: 20-30 minutes a day

·Intermediate students: 30-45 minutes a day

·Advanced students: 45-60 minutes a day

Do You Teach Adults?

Absolutely! Adults of any level are welcome!.

What’s The Youngest Age Student You Will Teach?

I teach students as young as 5 years old.

What Type Of Music Can I Learn?

I teach any and all genre’s of music that a student wants to learn. Nothing is out of the question!

Although some classical music is generally necessary for good progress to be made, you are by no means limited to classical. My students learn pop, jazz, blues, punk, rock, if the student loves the music that’s all that matters to me.

If you have any questions please give me a call or email:

Tiffany (440) 463-9309      littlehouseofpiano@yahoo.com