About Little House of Piano

At Little House of Piano, our teaching goal is to provide a solid musical foundation for every student.  We learn good musicianship, develop technical skills, and work on note reading, keyboard geography, rhythm, composition, articulation and music history in a fun, low stress lesson format. 

It is important that each student receive a balanced music education. I include theory, finger training, ear training and sight reading into my music lessons. My goal is to cultivate a love of music as well as a love of playing the piano in each of my students. I try to tailor my teaching method to each of my students while maintaining a simple teaching philosophy: start out with a solid foundation of the basics and build up ability from those foundations. Eventually, my students will have the skills they need to break down even the most complex music into smaller, more manageable parts so they can learn anything!

My lesson framework is predictable and straight forward. Every lesson will contain 3 components:

  • A Review of the Previous Week's Assignments
  • An Introduction to New Pieces
  • A Theory Lesson

Children and adults are welcome!